Three month Vietnam visa extension for American

Three month Vietnam visa extension for American

Posted on Tuesday Jun 19 2018 12:11. Category: Useful information

Vietnam visa extension is a need for American to prolong their stay in the country. And the best period to be extended is three months for tourist and business visa.

Three month Vietnam visa extension for American

What does the Vietnam visa extension mean?

Three month Vietnam visa extension for American

Extension of Vietnam visa means that:

  • You will be provided a new visa stamp into your passport instead of being provided both visa stamp and visa sticker.
  • You can remain to stay in Vietnam with a legal permission of Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • You are allowed to insist on living inside of Vietnam even though your visa has expired. If you move out of the country, the extension is no more available.
  • You can not change the visa type but prolong the visa validity only.
  • It takes as long as one week to be done so you are highly recommended to apply for the process at least one week before your visa expires.
  • You must be apart from your passport during the processing time so please make sure that you don’t need it in the period.
  • If you want to expedite the work within less than seven working days, you must pay for the extra fee to receive the result in advance.
  • We can help you with extension of Vietnam business visa and Vietnam tourist visa. If you are in possession of other types of visa, please have your visa extended through official agencies, government, business sponsor or contact with immigration officials.

How does it work?

Step 1. We check visa status

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Your current visa type
  • The latest date of your entry
  • The port of entry
  • Duration of extension you want to ask for.

To complete the step, please send us your passport scan, visa stamp and visa sticker to our email address.

Step 2. We collect your origin passport

After checking, we will inform whether your visa is extendable and the price for the visa extension. Once you decide to use our service, Please send us your passport in person to our office at S4-S5 Ba Vi, Ward 15, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city.

Note: We currently provide Vietnam visa extension service at Ho Chi Minh. If you are living in other provinces or cities, please find the travel agent nearby for assistance.

Step 3. You pick up your passport and pay the service fee at our office

When the process is completed, we will inform you to collect the passport (with a new visa stamp) and pay the visa fee, you can choose any method to settle the payment.



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