Apply for Vietnam visa online to visit Red Dao village

Apply for Vietnam visa online to visit Red Dao village

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To be able to have a chance discover many traditional culture and special activities of Red Dao in the North, you need to apply for Vietnam visa online.

Apply for Vietnam visa online to visit Red Dao village

Foreigners who enter and exit Vietnam must have their passport or passport substitutes (hereinafter referred to as passports) and Vietnam visa issued by competent authorities of Viet Nam, except in case of Vietnam visa exemption. If you find your nationalities not included in the list, you must apply for the legal one to enter the country.

There are two ways to apply for visa:

The official visa applied at the Vietnamese Embassy

With which you must submit these documents by yourself:

  • 01 Application form (in provided format) with an attached photo;
  • Passport or passport substitute;
  • Visa approval document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) or the Consular Department, the Department of External Relations of the Ho Chi Minh city (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Vietnam visa on arrival by applying for Vietnam visa online

To apply for Vietnam visa online, you don’t need to submit any document but filling the form provided online. Within 2 working days, the visa letter will be sent and are ready for you to pick up the stamp at the arrival.

In conclusion, the second option is especially correspondence for those who travel by air and wish to do the job in the simple, economical and fast way. More than that, it is highly recommended for those who are apart from Vietnamese Embassy.

You can freely travel now

Ta Phin Village is located in Ta Phin Commune, Sa Pa District, about 12km northeast of Sa Pa Town. The village is surrounded by mountains with spectacular rice terraces. The best time to visit Ta Phin is in the late afternoon when tourists can enjoy an amazing view of the sunset over the village and the surrounding areas.

Road to Ta Phin is truely a challenge

In Ta Phin Village there are two ethnic minorities living in harmony. They are the Red Dao, who make up the majority, and the Black Mong. It is best for the tourists to distinguish the difference in culture, way of living of ethnic minorities in Sapa.

Red Dao local

Ta Phin is the nearest village of Red Dao’s ethnic group within the area of Sapa district. From Sapa, it will take about 30 minutes to reach by motorbike. The mountainous road can make it difficult for cars to move, so the best solution is to hire a “Xe om”, or motorbike taxi, and the experienced driver will take you at a very reasonable price with many useful tips.

A common sight in the village is to see the woman and the girls sitting together, gossiping and laughing, head down focused on a piece of indigo-colored cloth. They make embroidery and brocade products sold and traded amongst the villages and visitors. The locals are friendly and will invite the tourists to go to their homes to show how they live and what they own.

Brocade village at Ta Phin

Since 1998, Ta Phin has been the “brocade village”, where tourists can find distinctively hand-made brocades made by ethnic people. All of the products are eye-catching with numerous bright colors and patterns, ranging from bags, scarves, purses, skirts, and even backpacks and coats.

Through time, Ta Phin Village, however, keeps its special traditions. If you are lucky enough, you can have a chance to participate in a Red Dao wedding, seeing how carefully they prepare for the complicated customs for this occasion.

Red Dao wedding

There are also several local festivals such as “dancing festival”, “greeting for the new house”, and“oath-taking ceremony” that will help you understand more about the simple but happy life of ethnic people.

Spectacular view in the village

Ta Phin Village has recently become a famous destination for trekking tours. Whether the tourists choose to stay overnight in the village or just visit for a day, the locals will be happy to organize a tour. The tourists may meet locals working in the field, see traditional housing, visit caves and medicine bath complexes or go for a long walk through the rice paddies and see mountains.




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